Our Story

Light. Happy. Relaxed. Calm. Restore harmony to your life.

Whether you need relief from the stress and anxiety of everyday living, the motion sickness of modern travel, or inflammation after a tough workout, SeaKure products adapt to meet your changing needs.

We use the highest quality materials in all our products. Local Oregon-grown hemp, locally sourced fish oil, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic essential oils for flavoring, and honey from our own hives.

We founded SeaKure after sailing from Portland, Oregon to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. We discovered that the CBD we brought helped us and our dogs with motion sickness, stress, anxiety, moodiness, and general wellbeing.

Inspired by our findings, we then sourced the highest quality, most potent CBD we could find and started making our own products.

We believe in the powerful benefits of CBD, and want to share it with you.