SeaBeeCalm 500

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  • Our most relaxing and longest lasting blend gives relief from stress, inflammation, and motion sickness while keeping you clear-headed.
  • 500mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD extract offers you the benefits of over 100 plant compounds synergistically working together to bring you greater benefits than CBD alone.
  • Organic coconut MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil for better absorption of CBD. It also gives you quick, clean energy to power your brain and body and aids in weight management.
  • Organic honey from our own hives in the Willamette Valley gives SeaBeeCalm a subtly sweet pleasant flavor.


SeaBeeCalm contains full-spectrum hemp extract. Our full-spectrum extract is a wonderfully healing option, but it does taste and smell like cannabis, and if you are very sensitive to THC in even the smallest dose of less than 0.3% our SeaCalm 1000 or SeaCalm Peppermint 1000 may be a better choice for you.

Our full-spectrum extract is for you if you:

  • Want long-lasting inflammation relief
  • Are seeking higher levels of pain relief
  • Want the benefits of whole plant compounds
  • Don’t mind the taste of hemp

Ingredients: Full-spectrum CBD extract from Oregon-grown hemp flower, organic honey, organic coconut MCT oil

Directions: Shake well. Place 1 full dropper under your tongue for 60 seconds. Swallow.

Note: In cold temperatures, honey may separate. Warm lightly and shake bottle before use.

Point of Origin: We only use Oregon-grown Hemp Flower CBD and track it through our entire process from flower to finished product, so you know where your products are coming from.

Testing: We test all of our plant material and extracts for quality, known constituents, consistency and potency. Tests include CBD and THC content, terpenes profile, and point of origin. Test results are available for our customers upon request.

2 reviews for SeaBeeCalm 500

  1. Jay

    A stress detangler! Being an advocate for a natural mood stabilizer this has been a great help. Mid-day lulls and restlessness dissipate without the euphoric side effects. Makes my busy city lifestyle more manageable.

  2. DGP (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of CBD products. A friend gave me some of this stuff unexpectedly one day and I found it had amazing results. I have PTSD, depression, ADD and physical pain. This is special stuff, the only CBD oil that really had a serious and major impact. I recommend this for these symptoms over the isolate. When I tried the isolate from seakure found it to be good but not as helpful for my symptoms. One of the surprises was it helped me sleep but also seemed to have something to do with giving me a boost to energy after I slept. Can’t recommend it enough.

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