SeaCalm Peppermint 1000


  • Relief from stress, inflammation, and motion sickness with no drowsiness.
  • 1000mg of Oregon-grown hemp CBD isolate is completely free of even trace amounts of THC.
  • Organic coconut MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil for better absorption of CBD. It also gives you quick, clean energy to power your brain and body and aids in weight management.
  • Organic peppermint essential oil soothes the stomach and provides a refreshing taste and feel.


SeaCalm Peppermint contains pure hemp CBD isolate. Our CBD isolate is a flavorless and odorless product made from hemp oil that has been refined down to pure CBD.

Our pure hemp CBD isolate is for you if you want:

  • No THC (not even trace amounts)
  • No cannabis flavors or odors (contains no terpenes)
  • High potency CBD (99% or higher CBD content)
  • Less sedative than full-spectrum extract

Ingredients: Pure CBD isolate from Oregon-grown hemp flower, organic coconut MCT oil, organic peppermint essential oil

Servings per bottle: approximately 30

Directions: Shake well. Place 1 full dropper under your tongue for 60 seconds. Swallow. May add to food or drink (do not heat over 100°F).

Point of Origin: We only use Oregon-grown Hemp Flower CBD and track it through our entire process from flower to finished product, so you know where your products are coming from.

Testing: We test all of our plant material and extracts for quality, known constituents, consistency and potency. Tests include CBD and THC content, terpenes profile, and point of origin. Test results are available for our customers upon request.


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